A Slick Presentation

By Lean on the Lakeshore (other events)

Wednesday, March 20 2019 5:30 PM 7:00 PM

Maddie Schmitt - The essentials about essential oils.  What do we use them for?  Is the hype about the benefits all true?  Clinical studes have shown..?  How do we recognize a true essential oil from a cheap imitation?

Amber Daugs - Grow it Forward.  We are on a mission to grow, teach, feed and connect our local food community!

Rick Couron - Hearty Olive.  Since we're talking about oils...the health benefits of olive oils and balsamics.  Make your own salad dressings and a pairing list.  Try some samples!

Dave and Terri Wilfert - Wilfert Farms.  Organic vs. convential producs.  Finding your most nutritious options, you may be surprised!  


Come at 5:30 to talk with the presenters.  The presentation will start at 6pm.