Woodland Dunes Hike February

By Lean on the Lakeshore (other events)

Saturday, February 23 2019 9:00 AM 10:00 AM

Ben Stock will guide you on a vigorours hike on the Goodwin Road Trails - Yellow Birch, Black Cherry, and possibly Coneflower.  Woodland Dunes is located at 3000 Hawthorne Ave, Two Rivers.  Take Memorial Drive to Woodland Drive (just south of Aurora Doctors Clinic) and head west to Goodwin Rd.  Go to the end of Goodwin (it's a dead end) to locate the Woodland Dunes Trillium Trail, Black Cherry Trail and Yellow Birch Trails.  Park along the road.  Carpooling is strongly recommended.  Boots are also a good idea depending on the weather.  Led by Ben Stock, past LOL winner!